Argument Seed: Normalizing Queer and ‘Safe Spaces’

‘Gay marriage’ and its accomplices ,gay adoption’ and, ‘gays in the military’ form a neat trifold that lay at the forefront of the larger gay rights movement. The three issue inform and actively steer antagonizing and social-political discourses in their favor. In my time at the Student Life Centers (ccc, lgbtrc, srrc, wrrc, etc) and other supposed ‘safe spaces’ I’ve observed and participated in discussions that challenged this holy trinity as vehemently hetero/homonormative institutions. Marriage, adoption and the larger military industrial complex should be critiqued for their neoliberal associations. They continuously exclude trans and undocumented bodies, and succumb to the notion that normal is good and desired. They do little to nothing to challenge monogamy, biological procreation, and binary gender roles.

What I’ve noticed, however, is that there is a sense of entitlement and elitism coming from radical queers about what should or shouldn’t be done (implicitly installing their own set of values on others), and the manner in which people should associate themselves with the movements.

I hope to begin a dialogue about people’s relationships with each other after they have analyzed these gay regimes of power, and how those relational encounters vehemently mirror the manner in which “right and wrong” are inculcated into our psyche. In the attempt to be all-inclusive, I think many bodies in these ‘safe spaces’ are continuously being excluded simply because of their beliefs without dialogue or a site where people can slow down and engage with their own understanding of the world.